Social Media Marketing Posts


Social Media, it’s more than a channel. It’s the core of our digital experience.

Welcome to the internet, home of 1.59 billion Facebook users, trillions of tweets and an estimated 19.7 million selfies. Everyone and their grandmother is posting pics of their cat, dog or sushi roll. In the ocean of social, you’re faced with the task of standing out — and it’s sink or swim. Even worse: you’re a brand. No one goes to Facebook to see your corporate ad or whitepaper in their feed.
What you need to stand out isn’t a mountain of tweets.

It’s not a campaign with the words Free, Netflix or #toofunny. You need a team of social media geniuses on your side — strategists who think in #hashtags and original creatives who speak 280 characters or less. A team of internet gurus who dig deep into your target audience, understand your brand and make it their mission to drive traffic from any channel, Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and beyond to your business.

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