Mastering the Art of Using #Hashtags on Social Media Platforms.

Hashtags have become a crucial part of social media marketing. They are used to make the content discoverable. This means you can even connect with businesses and people instantly.

Hashtags have become a crucial part of social media marketing. They are used to make the content discoverable. This means you can even connect with businesses and people instantly.

Using hashtags in the social media content encourages wider connectivity. It helps in increasing the audience engagement on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. In the year 2007, the first cultural icon was born when hashtag was first used on Twitter.

The applicability of the right hashtag makes your brand reach out to millions of customers. It is necessary for the businesses to see which hashtag is trending on Social Media platforms. Like, you can use ‘#business’ to get better engagement for your business irrespective of any size.

Let us now see how to use hashtags on various platforms.

Handle Hashtag on Twitter

The research held by Statista indicates that Twitter has nearly 326 million monthly active users in 2018. On Twitter, you can only use 280 characters. The username is not included in this limit. This means one needs to choose the hashtags wisely.

The business brands can fit themselves on Twitterati through:

  • Organizing a Twitter chat around one hashtag that is a public conversation
  • A single yet branded hashtag can be used by users frequently in their contents for better browsing by the audiences
  • Create Twitter Moments or curate a winning story on Twitter
  • One must look out for trending hashtags by concentrating upon your niche

The businesses can use hashtag analytics for choosing the right hashtag. A unique hashtag will catch the eye of your audiences. This will help in making your brand understand what exactly your audiences require.

#Hashtags on Instagram

Another report of Statista indicates that Instagram has nearly 1 billion active users until June 2018. Most of the Instagrammers are between the ages of 18 years to 29 years. It has become a huge platform for budding and already established brands. The Instagram tells a unique story about each brand. The right hashtag use can create the wider visibility of your brand. Here’s how to use #hashtags on Instagram:

  • Instagram is primed for user-generated campaigns for their contents.
  • The users can add the hashtag to their biography section. This way, the audiences can land on the relative topic.
  • The businesses can follow hashtags that is a new feature introduced on Instagram. This way you can have hands-on the content that sounds relevant to your business and immediate audiences.
  • It is important to use hashtags for Instagram stories.
  • To drive greater visibility one can use the location-based hashtags too.
  • It is advisable not to push your limits while using hashtags. Use appropriate hashtags. There are 2,000 characters and 30 hashtags but you need to use them wisely.

As said Instagram is for real moments so you need to be bit personalized with your users.

Applying Hashtags on Facebook

The biggest Social Media platform introduced hashtags in the year 2013. The images of your product do play a greater role on this platform. Moreover, the advertising with the correct hashtag plays a vital role. To make your hashtag reach out to the right people one can use it to a minimum of two or three times.

Businesses must use the hashtags for the promotional events whenever required. Unlike Twitter, you can even organize conversation around one hashtag. Do not use an off topic or one that is pointless. The research on the use of hashtags on Facebook states that using more than three hashtags leads to drop off the user-engagement.

Applying Hashtags on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest social network that experiments widely with the hashtags. It is significant to link the relative content. People who are using LinkedIn content can use few hashtags. If you are writing a long post on LinkedIn, then experts suggest using up to three hashtags.

You can even connect with the people outside your network using the hastags on LinkedIn and increasing your brand awareness. As you can start a chat on Twitter and Facebook around one hashtag, the same can be done on the LinkedIn too.

Useful Tools for #hashtags

Below is the list of some of the important tools:

  • Hashtagify
  • TagDef
  • Later
  • Keyhole
  • Simply Measured
  • Union Metrics
  • Display Purposes and  many more

Final Words

To master hashtags to build your brand requires greater social media marketing skills. It becomes necessary to seek for the right type of research. The good hashtag strategy only comes with knowing your audiences and their requirements.

It is important to experiment with hashtag tools on major social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. By putting your time and wider research in this concept, you can gain social followers within the stipulated time. You must practice basic hashtags do’s and dont’s for building your brand.

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