Best Bio For Instagram

Instagram Bio For Business

Instagram Bio For Business

Instagram is one social network platform that is essential for your business these days. With more than a billion monthly active users from across the planet, it’s vital to have a profile on here. When it comes to attracting new customers and clients, it’s essential that your IG profile is optimized. That’s where a strong IG bio comes into play.

Don’t underestimate this important section of your profile. It’s very important and is the first impression any new users will see when they land on your profile. Just as hashtag research and quality newsfeed and stories are essential, a great Instagram bio is just as important. So, wondering how to write the perfect Instagram bio for your brand and/or business? Here’s a few tips that will help you create a stellar bio that will impress new users and help convert them into customers!

Overview Of An Instagram Bio

The IG bio is the small section on a profile page that allows you to describe who and what you are. It’s the first thing that new users will see when visiting your IG profile on both mobile and desktop versions of IG.

The name is featured right above the description and can be different from your actual IG profile handle. You only get 150 characters to write a description, which can include text, numbers and even emojis. Right under the bio, you’ll be able to share contact info and only one link.

What An IG Bio Does For Your Brand

While 150 characters is pretty tight, you can definitely use it to your advantage. There are a few core things you’ll want your IG bio to have, including:

  • Value proposition. This will describe how your products/services are unique and will benefit the person reading. This is essentially explaining why users should follow your page.
  • Brand voice. If you have a distinctive brand voice, you’ll want to introduce it to your users.
  • Clear call to action. Since your bio is short, it needs to be effective. You’ll want to encourage users to take action by visiting your site, registering for an event, etc. Let them know what you want them to do and how to do it.

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