Top 10 Marketing Tips For Real Estate Agents

Real estate marketing

How to market your real estate business

The real estate industry is filled with agents, making competition pretty fierce these days. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a piece of the pie for everyone – you just need to make sure you stand out in your marketing efforts.

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You need to go above and beyond so that potential clients see you as the best person to handle their needs. This involves both offline and online efforts, with you being as creative as possible. Here are some top tips for real estate agents looking to really boost their marketing efforts in their region:

  1. Modern Targeted Real Estate Mailers.

Although we live in a digital age, it’s better to go old school with good ol’ mailers given not everyone is online (especially older generations looking to downgrade their homes to something smaller). This traditional avenue of advertising can still provide a lot of return for real estate agents, so don’t dismiss sending out postcards about your real estate service to potential buyers and qualified leads in zip codes you specialize in.

  1. Get Social

Once you’ve got a mailer strategy in place, it’s time to get social. Create social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and any others your potential customers might be active on and start creating an audience. Share houses you’re selling, insight on the market, design tips and more.


  1. Include Social Sharing To Your Property Listing Pages

Potential home buyers want to show off places they could potentially see themselves living and want feedback from friends and family. Adding social sharing to property listing pages allows home shoppers to share your listings, allowing more eyes on your real estate services.


  1. Add Contact Info Everywhere

You’ll want to make sure that you are easy to contact, so add your contact info on all pages of your website, in your social media posts and even go above and beyond to create a stellar Contact Us page on your site to grab attention and compel people to want to contact you to sell their house or help them find a new one.


  1. Work With A Professional Photographer

The look of the homes you’re representing can make or break a potential home buyer’s decision to put an offer on it, so you’ll want to make sure your photography is on point. The industry really relies on amazing photography to sell the property, so it’s vital that you work with someone who can help make a boring house look fabulous! Sure, it’s going to cost a bit, but you’ll get back your investment once your listings start selling because of how great the pictures look.


  1. Send Out Monthly Real Estate Newsletters

Newsletter marketing is a great way to not only share your listings, but also build client relationships. Capture emails on your website or provide a great download that’ll incentivize people to opt into your newsletter. Once you’ve got a healthy list, it’s time to send out content that they’re looking for, including notices about open houses, market research, interest rates, home décor tips, newsletters, and more.


  1. Create An Email Nurture Campaign

Once you’ve created a newsletter, step up your online marketing strategy by creating email nurture campaigns. You’ll just have to tailor your interactions, basing it on previous actions they’ve already taken. So, let’s say they went to your open house, so the next step would be emailing them with other nearby houses on the market. You’ll want to create and deliver content that will not only help potential clients take the next step, but also do so with you as their real estate agent.


  1. Create A Google My Business Page

Google likes it when you use their offerings, and another helpful site to really utilize is Google My Business. It’s the same as Google Places for Businesses and setting one up is quite easy. Make sure you create a thorough page with pictures, all relevant details and more so that potential customers have everything they need to make a decision on contacting you for your services.


  1. Create A Niche For Yourself

If there’s tons of competition in your region, it’s time to make yourself stand out from the rest by creating a niche. You’ll want to become the go-to real estate person for families, dog owners, older couples, etc. Think about what you want to become the “go-to” agent for and then start marketing yourself as that. People who fall under that niche category will see you as the best!


  1. Invest In Branding

Real estate agents love branding and you should, too! Figure out what your clients love best and then put your branding on it. Think pens, beverage Koozis, notepads and tons of other freebies people love receiving. Give them out at community events and other local festivals to spread the word about your real estate services and offerings.


We always go the extra distance for our clients. Heres’ a bonus tip!


  1. Partner With Other Business

Being a real estate agent means you get referrals from all over. That’s why you should think about partnering with local businesses to see if you can drop off cards, buy them new mugs with your branding on it, etc. Now’s the perfect time to get creative with local business partnerships so don’t be afraid to reach out to local businesses, HR managers, trade associations, and businesses that regularly bring in new employees to the area (think Amazon).




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