10 Ways To Rank Your Content on Google: Content Optimization Creation Checklist

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10 content creation optimization check list

Creating optimized content doesn’t have to be difficult or challenging. Here are 9 ways to create SEO-optimized content that will bring more traffic to your site and value to your customers.


  1. Keyword research. These are terms that people use in search engines when asking questions. These words will help you figure out your customer’s interests and will provide you a topic to write about. Think about words that someone would search for so that your content can answer their questions.


  1. Figuring search intent and the right format. Search intent is what customers are looking to accomplish, and what they want to see when typing a query in Google. From there, the content format you create how you’ll convey your answer to their question. Search content can be informational, commercial, navigational or transactional.


  1. Meta title. The content’s headline isn’t what will be shown in search results and that’s why you want to create a well-optimized meta title. This introduces your article to the audience. Include target key words in titles, write a unique title for each page, keep it between 14 and 40 characters long and include your keywords in the title.


  1. Catchy H1. When writing an H1 heading, you want to make sure it’s creative, describes what’s talked about in the text body, and uses headlines for best results.


  1. Optimized meta description. A meta description is what people see right under the title in Google search results. For an optimized meta description, you want to make sure that it includes a relevant keyword, describes the specific page, is about 1-2 sentences and has a call to action (if relevant).


  1. Readable structure. Great structure is key to quality content. You’ll want to make sure that your article is readable. Make it long if needed, with a table of contents. Use H2s and H3s to make it easier to understand. Each paragraph should have its own idea and answer user questions. Highlight important ideas and break up long sentences into shorter ones. Numbered lists and bullets are great for breaking up long pieces.


  1. Add visuals. Don’t forget to add visuals to your content. It helps convey your message so that visitors remember it. But make sure to optimize your visuals before by reducing the file size, creating descriptive image names and adding alt tags.


  1. Readable URL. Create a quality URL that describes the page so that readers know what’s inside.


  1. Internal linking. Search engines like internal links because it helps Google navigate your website. It also helps users move around your site easier.


  1. Have fun and let your writing style shine through on a topic you are passionate about.

By following these 10 steps, you’ll be able to create optimized content that gets ranked by Google.


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