6 Things Your Boss Wishes You Knew About Direct Response Marketing Tips To Drive Sales

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If you’re a small business looking to drive up sales and engagement, you’ll need a creative approach to do so. You want to create something that will drive action instantly so that your brand can grow. One way to do this is with direct response marketing. This is a type of marketing that is all about instantly getting noticed, driving sales and increasing engagement. It packages a call to action and value in one campaign for faster decision making. Here are a few direct response marketing examples for maximum effectiveness NOW:


  1. Referral Marketing Campaigns

Boost your conversions with referral marketing campaigns. All you need is people who liked your product and brand. Customers that are referred by a friend are more likely to become loyal customers, so referral marketing can be very beneficial. There are tons of referral apps to utilize this strategy, such as Referral Candy. Or you can create your own campaigns, offering discounts and free stuff for those who refer customers your way.


  1. Direct Response Advertising

Direct response advertising like using Facebook Messenger can really boost conversion rates. Also, a Facebook ad favorite is a click-to-Messenger ad because it can lead to an instant lead capture.


  1. Drip Marketing Campaigns

Drip campaigns keep your brand and business on top of customers’ minds. You can use a drip campaign to welcome and onboard customers, keep leads engaged with the brand, and so much more.


  1. Offer Free Stuff

Everyone loves free offers and it’s a great way to get people to respond instantly. Offer free discounts, small items with purchase and extras will entice buyers to act now.


  1. Run An Online Contest

A contest online is a great way to quickly increase engagement on Facebook and IG. Offer up a prize and have people comment, share and even provide their emails to be entered to win. Prizes you give away should be things that your target audience want.


  1. Text Messages

Right now, text messages are becoming a popular marketing strategy. It’s a cheap way to reach anyone, from anywhere, and at any time. After opting into SMS marketing, you can send bulk text messages to audiences for any news, deals and announcements.


The benefits of direct response marketing are numerous. Not only is it highly personalized, but it also allows you to convey specific information about how your product or service can help your potential customer. It goes beyond brand awareness and has instant results when done properly.

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