What Is A Demand Side Platform DSP And Why You Should Care?

DSP process

Demand Side Platform

Technology has really changed the advertising landscape. Nowadays, the digital advertising world is a very broad place that’s made up of various platforms and processes. A huge addition over the past decade has been the addition of Real-Time Bidding (RTB).

One such RTB is demand-side platform (DSP), which is considered an advertising technology (AdTech) platform. It allows advertisers to purchase ad space (or inventory) on an impression-by-impression basis from publishers from supply-side platforms (SSPs) and various ad exchanges. What makes DSPs so appealing is that it allows advertisers to buy ad space from various publishes all from one convenient interface.

DSPs act like stockbrokers. So, in the same way investors hire stockbrokers to buy stocks from companies on the stock exchange, media buyers utilize DSPs to buy ad space from the ad exchange. The DSP is the middleman and is actually useful for more functions than just buying any available ad space.

DSPs also provide media buyers the opportunity to create and manage more than one campaign at once; auto-optimize campaigns as a way to increase ROIs; provide real-time data and analytics; and utilize third part data to improve targeting tactics.

Now that you know more about DSPs, you might be wondering why you should care and how it fits into your advertising needs? By utilizing DSPs, brands can boost their marketing efforts and enhance their ad performance. The platform allows brands the chance to purchase ad impressions at RTB auctions, reaching an audience that is more likely to be interested in what the brand is offering.

Brands should use it because it’s a self-serve platform that has quick onboarding, allowing you to start your campaign the moment you start. It also has access to lots of mobile apps and websites via one account. One DSP can also provide access to idea places where customers are looking for your brand. And by regulating how frequent you want impressions to show up, you’ll be able to customize the campaign that works best for your goals (you won’t overpay for users).

DSPs can be a powerful option to promote your brand. It can also help get your brand in front of targeted audiences and help with your ROI.

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